The early years of a child’s life are years of wonder and excitement, and research shows that the first six years of life provide the basic framework of experience which will determine how well a child functions the rest of their life.  Learning to share with and trust others, as well as the initial desire for independence, occurs during these early years, and positive experiences in this stage of development helps to determine a child’s attitudes toward themselves and others.

The Preschool program of Faith Lutheran Church is meant to work in partnership with parents in the important role of providing for the growth and development of children.  We believe each child is a special and unique creation of God, and has their own individual needs.  Our preschool has been designed to meet those needs, as it provides for growth in the social, emotional, and intellectual areas of a child’s being.  Likewise, it is our intention to meet the spiritual needs of each child, as we follow the direction given by the Good Shepherd—our Lord Jesus Christ, when He said: “Feed My lambs.” (John 21:15)

Faith Lutheran Preschool has set the following objectives for itself in order to best meet the needs of children:

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